Thursday, March 10, 2005

Major Search Engines Shopping For VoIP

As about 115,000 US homes switch to VoIP every month, major search engines are looking to get into the market. Google looks like they are now shopping for a telephony partner, AOL announced plans to offer a service within the next month and Yahoo and MSN already have simple services and partnerships, but no solid VoIP product.

Analysts predict that by 2008, 16 million homes will have VoIP service. No wonder the top search engines are looking to get into the market! Read more below.

Google window-shops for VoIP | Tech News on ZDNet:

"The meetings offer further confirmation of the view that as the Net phone business starts to take off, search giants and Web portals such as Yahoo may not be far behind. Among the announcements at VON, America Online said it plans to unveil a VoIP service in the next month, heightening speculation that Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and Google--its biggest Web rivals--may be exploring similar moves."

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