Thursday, July 21, 2005

Packet 8 Offers Incentives

Packet 8 (8x8), the leader in VoIP video phone service is offering incentives for new customers this summer.

The company is offering free activation on both standard and video phone plans through July, as well as a $19.95 discount. That's at least $49 off standard new account setup.

Packet 8's staff and customers have some interesting applications for their VoIP video phone service. Some staff use it to stay in touch with their children and older parents, and some use it just to check in on their pets and yell at them if they're misbehaving! (the video phone has a neat auto-answer mode) Since the video phones are reasonably priced at $99, the service is getting quite popular.

Using the Packet8 phone service also just got a whole lot cooler, cleaner and even more convenient with the introduction of the Uniden Whole House VoIP System. The slick new Packet8-enabled Uniden UIP1868P is a 5.8GHz digital expandable corded/cordless IP phone system with built-in full router functionality. The UIP1868P is a fully integrated, service-ready phone system available at the Packet8 online store for $159 (base unit and one cordless handset).

Incorporating 8x8’s patented Internet telephony software, the UIP1868P offers plug-and-play access to Packet8’s feature-rich broadband telephone service and can deploy Packet8 capability to as many as 10 Uniden feature rich cordless handsets using a single broadband Internet connection.

Learn more about Packet 8 and their July promotion.

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