Sunday, November 13, 2005

5 Benefits To Choosing VoIP

There are many benefits and advantages to switching from a standard phone line (Public Switched Telephone Network). VoIP technology is growing and changing every day. Major corporations are transferring their business needs over to VoIP and households worldwide are making the switch. VoIP is produced by transferring voice into digital data over the Internet. Because the data is smaller compared to a standard electric unit, VoIP users save on valuable bandwidth as well. If you have a high-speed connection in your home, then you can utilize VoIP. You may need to purchase some equipment, such as a VoIP phone adapter. The phone adapter will allow you to use all of your telephones with the VoIP technology. You may also need to purchase a router. Most of your VoIP service providers will supply you with the hardware that you need. You even have the option of purchasing phones designed for VoIP as well as Videophones that will display images while you speak.

VoIP is certainly the wave of the future. Many major computer companies have already begun to incorporate VoIP with their Instant Messaging programs. Yahoo has also recently purchased the VoIP Company, Dial Pad. Now, Instant Messaging programs such as Yahoo, MSN, Google and AOL allow pc-pc phone calls. The world is making the switch to VoIP, but in case you are still unsure if VoIP is right for you, here are five benefits to adding VoIP to your home and business.

VoIP is Cost Efficient

Whether for your home or business, VoIP is just plain cheaper then other telephone options. You can reduce the cost in your home by saving on long distance and local telephone calls. Many VoIP service providers have plans that allow unlimited local and long distance calling. You will have to check with several companies to see how their unlimited local and long distance calling areas compare. You also save money by using VoIP throughout your house. You won’t need to install additional phone jacks and wires, you just add on to your VoIP system through your cable or dsl internet connection.

VoIP Integrates your Audio, Data, and Video Applications.

VoIP systems can integrate your telephone with your computer applications such as E-mail, Fax, Web conferencing, and Video Phone needs. This saves money and energy by combining all of these services into one basic application. You can use your phone and access all of your other programs at the same time, allowing greater freedom and is a simpler way for the home owner to utilize all of these different products.

VoIP Provides Flexibility

VoIP allows users tremendous flexibility. For instance, many VoIP users can take their phone adapter with them, and use their telephone number anywhere they have access to an Internet connection. This includes traveling overseas, while staying in hotels, or even camping. If you have high speed Internet, you will be able to take phone calls on your regular number anywhere you travel. This is a much better solution for those with active lifestyles compared to the expense of cell phones as well as being the perfect solution for mobile employees and those whose jobs require a good deal of travel.

VoIP Users Can Choose their Own Area Codes

VoIP providers allow users to choose their own area codes. This is a fantastic option for those whose friends and family all live in one particular location, and they are out of state. By choosing your family and friend’s area code, you are allowing them to call you by making a local call, whenever they choose, and they will not have to pay long distance charges. Some providers extend the area codes to other countries. This would be extremely beneficial to someone whose friends and family are halfway across the world where you can get a local number and save your family the international long distance rates.

VoIP offers Free Features

Features that typically cost extra with standar phone services are usually bundled with VoIP unlimited calling plans. These features include Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Block, Call Return, and Do Not Disturb. Because of the integration between VoIP and the Internet, many service providers will allow you to access and control all of your VoIP phone features through the Internet. With VoIP, users have greater access to control all of their phone features as well as save on charges.

Choose VoIP and enjoy!



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