Monday, February 28, 2005

Net2Phone: Grandaddy of VoIP

Net2Phone is one of the pioneers in VoIP telephone service and offers a wide variety of services. In comparison to other VoIP companies, Net2Phone offers residential, business, PC To Phone, PC To Fax, calling card, VAR, reseller, corporate and infrastructure services.

Their residential and business service plans are very similiar to those of Vonage in cost and offerings (unlimited calling to US and Canada for a fixed monthly cost) although Net2Phone offers a wide variety of additional equipment, including the very cool WiFi XJ100 Cordless Phone that allows you to make and receive calls through your wireless network and VoIP service.

The calling card plans are very competitive, start a 1 cent per minute and are available in several different forms and dollar amounts.

Their Voiceline plans include a free adapter, online control panel access to your phone account and VoIP broadband telephone service. A unique feature of the Voiceline service are the overseas packages available. There are bundle packages for several areas including India, Asia, Europe... specifically designed for those calling overseas regularly. Something to note, the Voiceline plans do not support 911/emergency service, where both Vongage and Lingo do.

Net2Phone has one of the most comprehensive service and equipment offerings of any other VoIP provider and are a popular choice for both residential and business customers.

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