Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mini 3.5mm Flexible Microphone for PC/Laptop/Skype

Mini 3.5mm Flexible Microphone for PC/Laptop/SkypeYou can take it with you! This slim 6.7 inch mic will slip easily into a laptop case (unless it's a form-fitter!), and features a flexible cable for easy positioning. Installation is as simple as Plug & Play - no drivers or software are necessary. Use it with Skype, for VOIP applications, or chat programs. Adjust the microphone's settings from your PC's audio control panel. Does not require an external power supply. (***Note for Mac users: Apple Mac computer hardware requires a mic with its own power supply. This mic may not be suitable for use with Apple/Mac computers. Check with Apple for your particular model if you are unsure.***)
Sensitivity: -54±3dB
Frequency Range: 100-5KHz
Jack: 3.5mm
Length: 17cm (slightly over 6.5 inches)

Price: $2.95

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